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Our puppies and their new owners - what they have to say.....

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Pepper, Born 17:3:2013 - Pepper has been an absolute delight since day one…she is literally the perfect family dog.. she is not a yappy dog and is exceptionally behaved on outings especially as so many people come up to her asking about her. When she is left at home by herself she doesn’t carry on she just goes and sleeps on the bed… she does however also love doing doggy things like playing in the mud, finding worms and rolling on them .. she’s also great with our cats.. The thing I loved about dealing with puppies plus was I was able to go to their property and view the puppies in person I saw how they were raised in the house with the family and we got to play with Pepper for about half an hour on the front lawn which was lovely for the kids.. a couple of weeks later when it was time to pick pepper up Anne-Marie spent a good while answering all of my questions regarding how to care for her… we have been so impressed with our little moodle Pepper that we have decided to get another one and are looking forward to hearing from Anne-Marie.

Kind regards .. Martine Cashen

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Coco & Diamond - Our gorgeous moodles are almost 5 months old now. Coco and Diamond are sisters and love each other to pieces, they play happily togther all day and have a beautiful nature.

Coco and Diamond are very entertaining and are both much loved members of our family. Puppies really make the best ever friends.

Puppies Plus is a wonderful business to deal with. They are very professional, breeding adorable natured dogs complete with all the necessary vet checks and puppy portfolio. ....


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Shiloh & Missy - Missy is a Shoodle and is a delightful, sweet and playful puppy. She was very small when we first received her but settled in with us very quickly. She is now 4 mths old and weighs 2.7 kgs. Our grand children adore her and she loves playing with them when they visit.

We also have another puppy from Puppies Plus, a cavoodle named Shiloh. They have become great companions. Both Shiloh and Missy have very nice temperaments and we are very happy with our new puppies. Puppies Plus were very helpful when we had lots of questions. We would always recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy to join their family.

Rod and Jill Rose Tomerong

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Biscuit - Our gorgeous cavoodle puppy "Biscuit" is close to 5 months old now and the whole family is absolutely in love with her. She is a very affectionate and clever puppy who at 3 months old learnt how to sit, lie down, shake hands and roll over. She has just the right amount of cheekiness!!

We thankyou for all your help, from the very beginning when we came out to choose our pup, to when we picked her up and took her home and beyond. Biscuit has brought so much joy and laughter into my family's life!!!Thankyou very much!!!

Teresa Madera and family

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Harry - Hi its Harry, I love my home.

I love playing ball and going for walks.

I also love going for drives in the car.

I have sent you a recent photo of me.

Cheers ..... Harry Cooper

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Max - Max is now 6 months and is doing really well Andre, Jing and I are so happy with him. He is a lovely and easy going dog - We are all so happy. He is much loved by all us and all our friends that drop by.

We remember the days we came up to see you and you had such a wonderful selection of puppies to choose from, and it was this day that Max claimed a spot in our hearts, making us as his family. We are very impressed with the way you rear the puppies from birth, teaching them to be gentle family pets, and giving them the best start with all the right foods and exercise.

Thank you! David Prideaux

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Ruby Rose - We are so delighted to have adopted our dear puppy, an adorable Shoodle. She is a delight. Happy, smart, gorgeous and already a part of our family. We have named her Ruby and we are all in love with her.

I would like to add that we were very impressed with breaders Anne-Marie and Louse and it is so apparent that they just love their dogs and are thrilled to send their loving puppies to good homes. I would highly recommend acquiring a new puppy from them as we were given their details by a good friend of ours who adopted a little boy Shoodle 2 years ago. We just adore Ruby Rose and know that she is healthy, happy and will be much loved by us all.

Regards and thanks, Chris Murray

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It is hard to believe our babies are 1 year old already.

Thank you so much they are such a delight and we love them dearly.

They sleep with the boys and think they are humans.

Have a merry Christmas.

Kath Porter

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Sumo - We were lucky enough to find out that Puppies Plus had a female Moodle who had just been born. We'd read wonderful things about Puppies Plus and were thrilled when they said that we could be the new owners of this new born. Although small, Sumo is definitely leader of the pack. She's independent and can be bossy when she knows what she wants! On the other hand, Sumo is always up for a cuddle on your lap or in bed and is happy to just be with us no matter what we may be doing. With Sumo in our lives, nothing is boring and we're never short of a giggle. Not only were Puppies Plus helpful in the steps of adopting Sumo, they have also been more than happy to be help since we picked her up. Looking back, we're so glad we found Puppies Plus and are more than 100% happy with the services that they have provided. ith Sumo and if we ever want to add to our family, or know anyone else who does, they'll be the first people we turn to. Thank you Puppies Plus from the bottom of our hearts! Daniel, Kate and Sumo

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Poof Bums - We bought two toy poodle puppies from Anne Marie 2 1/2 years ago for our two kids. They have been the best choice of kids pet you could have. Both dogs have gentle, playful and loving natures. We have come to love them so much that we bought another puppy from Anne Marie about 14 months ago for me to love. So now we have 3 Toy poodles that have the gentlest, playful and loving natures you could wish for.

All 3 dogs have been healthy and sound with no health problems. They are very clean to have inside the house with us as their poodle fur doesn’t shed like normal dogs. All three love going in the car and are very well behaved when strapped into their seat belt on long trips.

Thank you! Marianne

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Charlie - After an incredibly long search for a puppy, we are overjoyed with our energetic and friendly natured little Moodle, Charlie. She is an absolute delight! From the moment we picked her up she pulled at our heartstrings. Her first night away from her brothers and sisters, she slept through the night in her little bed. Since joining our family Charlie has brought us all so much delight, even for the teenage male of the household! As for Charlie’s ability to learn, she is definitely gifted! She could fetch a ball and drop it, at ten weeks of age! She is chuffed that she can now climb up and down all the stairs in the house! We could not be happier with little Charlie! We’d like to thank Puppies Plus for their understanding and patience to ensure that Charlie did not cause any allergic reactions for the allergy sufferer of the family! We highly recommend Puppies Plus and as professional, caring and knowledgeable breeders! Thank you! Sam, Rod and Linda

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Nina - Her 1st clip (apparently Nina was "leader of the pack" the day she was groomed) she had a ball playing with the 5 other poodles. I picked her up in the late afternoon, when we got home as she went to her food bowl for a nibble she flopped her head on the ground & fell asleep - totally exhausted hehe!

Or can discuss her beautiful nature - Everyone loves her.  She is the apple of everyone's eye. She has a lovely disposition that is noticed and commented by all.  We say she is a country puppy bouncy, carefree and extremely loving.

Kind regards
Holly, Nina Woof! and Paul

Toy Poodle Pure Breed

Coco Chanel Le - Here I am after a day at the doggie wash. I don't like that much but I am very soft and fluffy afterwards. Next week I am going into the Vets to have a little operation.

Mummy will look after me while I rest for a few days.

Anyway, I am very tired at the moment....going to sleep. After my sleep I get a chicken wing - cause it's chicken wing day .....yeah!

Designer puppies

Benson has been a blessing since we got him- truly. He was almost totally toilet trained when he came to live with us and settled into his new home quickly- thanks to Annemarie!

Benson is definitely a much loved member of our family- everyone comes to visit just to see him and each of them brags that they are his favourite. We have a 3 year old nephew and Benson just adores him- following him around like a shadow. Benson is certainly his own dog and has taken a few responsibilities upon himself-he races to the bedroom to wake up his dad every morning (which he takes very seriously, running up and down the corridor until dad gets out of bed) and he MUST make sure that guests have their turn at scratching his tummy. We can't thank you enough for him, we love him so much!
Sonya & John

Puppies Plus Bathurst

Pierre - Just a quick note to let you know how well out little Pierre is going. He is doing really well. A bit cheeky, loves old barbie dolls and stuffed toys. He still sleeps in my room on the floor in his litte bed and loves to jump and run and chase the kids. He eats just about everything and he now weighs 4.1. kilos at 8 months old.

We love him to death and I can not imagine my life without him. He lives inside and he is toilet trained. He waits at the back door when he heeds to go and gets on really well with Kyzer, our Rotweiler. He also shakes hands and rolls over. Thankyou for giving us our little angel. We all adore him.

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